2010 Camaro Performance Chips

The performance chip or tuner is a way to reprogram the internal computer inside a vehicle. Most vehicles have the capability to use one of these chips or tuners and the 2010 Camaros are no exception to this. One may ask the question, is there a large selection to choose from or is it one of those things that one choice is all that is available? The answer to that question is yes there are many different options, and with all of the different options come different benefits catering to every individuals needs. Today we will just cover three of many choices but most of them will be very similar in their performance and increase in efficiency. The first that we will cover is the Diablo Sport Predator. The Diablo Sport name was founded in 2000 and has continued to be a leader in the Performance chips and tuners industry since. Diablo Sport has claimed performance increase of 20+ horse power and 20+ ft/lbs of torque on the new 2010 Camaro L99 with the automatic transmission and they even do a little better on the LS3 motor with the manual transmission. With gains of 1-3 mpg fuel efficiency as long as you aren’t racing around town. Installing the Diablo Sport will only take about 10 minutes with an on screen display that practically walks you right through the install. They do not void any warranties that may be available from Chevrolet, and they come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty of their own.

If you want or need to restore the original programming it is just as easy as installing the reprogrammed one. You just go through the exact same steps and choose the stock setting. There’s also another fancy little feature of the diablosport predator on the 2010 Camaros with the L99 automatic. When you put the car in cruise control, it shuts down four of the cylinders to get better gas mileage. The only problem with that is the car doesn’t sound the same anymore. With the diablo, you can disable that feature, making it run on all 8 cylinders all the time. The second tuner on the agenda is the Hypertech Max Energy for the 2010 Camaro. With this nifty little tuner you have the power to boost horse power and torque, improve gas mileage, raise top speed limiter, raise the “RPM” rev limiter, recalibrate speedometer, read, and display and clear DTCs. They are internet updateable with the USB included and they are legal in all 50 states. In most cases 12 horse power and 20 ft/lbs of torque are common giving the Camaro better in traffic response time. Just like the Diablo Sport you can expect 1-3 mpg fuel efficiency. They include two performance tunes for either 91 octane or 93 octane fuel. Although hypertech puts out a nice product, most people go the way of the diablo instead because the features are close to identical, but the power gains of the diablo are bigger. The third and final for today is the Jet Performance 2010 Camaro Performance Chip. Jet Performance has been doing what they do for over 40 years. They are committed to give the consumer what he or she really wants… more power. The Jet Performance programming is designed to burn fuel at peak efficiency, which results in improved performance and mileage.

Jet Performance boasts about their gains for the Camaro of 15+ Horse power. Just like the other two you do have the possibility of up to an extra 3 miles per gallon, it will require a little discipline on the driver’s part, keep the foot off the floor. There’s a stage one chip, that is designed for stock 2010 camaros. They have a stage two also, that is designed for modded 2010 camaros, that have other mild boltons like a cold air intake, headers, exhaust, or others. The nice thing about the tuners is they work on stock or modified engines, but if you know what you need, the jet chips are also a great way to go. Tuning is the easiest of the aftermarket upgrades for the 2010 Camaros, and the nice thing is they work together with any other parts you add to give even bigger gains. So if you have a tuner that gives 20 hp and an air intake that gives 20 hp, you’ll gain more than 40 by using both items, because they work together. This makes the performance market even funner once you get further in.

The Best Camaro Ever – The 1969 Camaro

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Camaro car dust cover – Protecting Your Prized Possession A lot of people do not realise just how badly nature can effect a car. Rain contains high levels of acid that disintegrate the paint work on the exterior of the car, as well as leave ugly water-marks. It can also cause the frame-work to rust with time. Ultra-violet rays from the sun can prove to be quite detrimental to the car’s well-being. Aside from the fact that it can make the exterior look ugly as it bleaches the paint-work, it can also ruin the internal workings of the car. It deserves a lot more respect than that! Car covers are the best option as they are portable, compact and easy to use. There are plenty different types of all-weather covers available on the market. Some will concentrate more on one area more than others which makes them differ. You will need to decide which types suits you, your Camaro, and your climate best, and then proceed from there. The covers will be waterproof and therefore protect your Camaro from any sort of damage caused by the rain, sleet and snow. This gives the car a chance to breathe without getting steamed up and mouldy. All-weather covers come ultra-violet-resistant, and will filter through the sun’s rays, hence shielding the Camaro from damage from the sun. The cover will also absorb any sort of shock, and prevent your Camaro from getting scratched and dented.

Camaro Convertibles Can Hold Their Own Camaro convertibles are unique in design. They stood up against the Mustang and held their own. This RS/SS is a show winner that boasts a 350 L48 engine and four-speed transmission. f you are ever so lucky to find a Camaro convertible that has been preserved or reworked, you truly have found a prize. Earlier, the automaker has released images of the convertible concept to wow the automotive market. Last Saturday, the car kicked off at the North American International Auto Show. Ed Peper, the Chevrolet general manager said, “For some of us, an emotional bond was formed when we introduced the Camaro coupe last year. It is magnificent. But now this year, if this Camaro convertible doesn’t make your heart beat faster, you should see either your optometrist or your cardiologist, because you have a problem.” The automaker has already expressed its intent to produce the Camaro coupe and it is expected to go on sale in 2009.Though the convertible version of Camaro is not much different from the hardtop, Kevin Tynan, auto analyst of Argus Research said it is a smart addition to the automaker’s show lineup because there is a market for it among the baby boomers and the vehicle also spices up some otherwise technical and practical offerings.

In fact, it will be using some of the Chevrolet Camaro 2000 body parts but will entertain minor changes to make way for the convertible concept. The exterior dimensions of the original Camaro are retained. However, convertible will be powered by V-8 engine that sends power to the rear wheel through manual transmission. The rising new star of the automaker will also feature four-wheel independent suspension system and four-wheel disc brakes. Dramatic new features of the convertible also include tonneau cover over the folded top, LED taillamps, “halo” headlamps, heritage-inspired rear fender “gills,” racing-inspired fuel filler door, rear spoiler with LED-lit CHMSL, and hood scoop based from Corvette Z06. The convertible rides on 21-inch front wheels and 22-inch rear wheels. The five-spoke wheels have charcoal center sections with orange outline. The choice of color complements the gunmetal gray stripes on the body of the vehicle. “The light-on-dark interior coloring makes a strong statement that conveys the spirit of freedom and fun that is embodied by a Camaro convertible,” said Micah Jones, interior designer. Camaro convertible is designed to tickle the fancies of young drivers. This is the very reason why the convertible is designed to exude energy, passion, and freedom.

The 2011 Chevy Camaro Review

It averages between $21,773- 34,295 depending on the model, and specifications. Equip with features such as remote engine start, wireless cell phone link, USB port, and satellite radio the new 2011 Chevy Camaro seems to have it all. Although the stylish body and elegant interior may appear modern, the car still holds a grasp of retro comparison. The buyer is essentially able to pick their poison. Both models have great acceleration for their price. The V6 engine is a 3.6 liter which produces approximately 312 horsepower. This is an upgrade from the previous year’s model, at an 8 horsepower difference. The V8 engine is a 6.2 liter, and produces 400 horsepower. Both versions are available in either manual or automatic transmission. The horsepower increases with the manual transmission to 426. The Camaro’s many different models give those interested many different options to choose from. Each and every model equip with its own personal touch of style and specification, the 2011 Chevy Camaro has something to suit every buyers needs. Whether the buyer is looking for power, or class, they’re able to make the choice accordingly. This car is also endowed with features to provide the safety of its drivers. These features include: antiskid, front side air bags, traction control, curtain-side air bags, and ABS break system. These features make it a safe car for all of its drivers. Taking into consideration weather hazards, as well as accident dangers, the makers of this model seem to have everything covered. The different models also allows comfort and support for their drivers. The LT automatics weight is 3750; the Lt Manual weight is 3741. The LS sees a change in weight between 3769-3780 depending on the type of transmission. The SS has the highest weight of 3860 for the manual, and 3913 for the automatic. The weight variations are quite average for a muscle car, but also give the Camaro the ability for speed.